My Eye Media – Storm

MyEyeMedia contracted me to redefine their high-end application experience for large publishers like HBO and Cinemax. They will utilize the app to facilitate the day-to-day management of their properties in online stores such as Amazon, Netflix, Apple, etc. The goal was to create a more intuitive experience while satisfying some of the unique user needsRead more

NuRE Real Estate

NuRE had a very challenging user goal for two distinct users: buyers of the large scale condominiums and the developers of those condominiums who wish to sell them. Worked closely with key stakeholders to create a unique flow for each user type. Through multiple iterations of wireframes and high fidelity comps, along with brainstorming sessions,Read more

Full Court Tennis mobile view

Full Court Tennis

Working with Full Court Tennis I was able to extrapolate data and testing to create a streamlined mobile experience that split the application into two unique user groups: Coaches and Players. Through extensive iterations, I was able to accomplish the goals of both groups while creating an accessible and modern experience.


For several years I’ve worked with the MediaAlpha brand, helping to create unique experiences for their vast product offerings. Innovative design concepts for advertisers, publishers, and the consumers that interact with them. Worked on everything from website design and banner ads to email campaigns.