Why I Need to Wish You a Merry Christmas

I tend to keep my religious preferences to myself for the most part. Well, at least within the business world.

Sadly I’ve found that some people, in the tech space in particular, can be a tad “put off” when they find out I’m a Christian.

This holiday, however, I’ve decided that in light of the events going on around the world it’s especially important to take a moment to express my gratitude for the abundance of blessings my family has experienced this past year.

To say thank you.

To acknowledge.

So here it goes:

In business, my team is flourishing, clients are happy, and there are exciting new opportunties on the horizon. (More news to come in 2018 with the official launch of my creative agency Create Ape!)

Without getting too bible thumperish, however, the things I’m most grateful for are those which money can’t buy. You might find that sentiment to be cliche, but in my experience even the richest people get sick with incurable diseases. Deal with loss. Fight internal battles.

But in this moment? My family are all, thank God…healthy. My children are thriving. We are safe. And the world outside, though scary at times, still seems bright with possibility. There will most certainly be challenges ahead. There are always are, and I’m not naively saying it’s always easy to be faithful.

And yet…

During this time of year I’m reminded why we celebrate Christmas. Or at least why we should.

We celebrate because we experienced a miracle when my wife didn’t end up having a serious heart condition like the one which cost us her father. Because my grandmother is kicking cancer’s ass. Because my own father was told he had only six months to live and instead went on to see all three of my children be born.

We celebrate because even though we will inievitably all experience great sadness, pain, or loss at some point in our lives, we are also promised a life that continues beyond it. Beyond the pain. Beyond the sadness.

God gave us his only Son. And through His sacrifice we were saved by grace.

We celebrate at Christmas because we are saved from living with that pain forever, and instead promised a place where there is no pain. Where there is only endless love. There are no words for what the thought of that means to me except to say, “Thank you!”

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  

That’s why it’s important for me to wish you a Merry Christmas, and not just “Happy Holidays” this holiday season. As we celebrate the birth of one epic dude, I need to yell it out to the world. I’m so grateful! So blessed! So in awe of  my life, and with my Lord who provides all the riches I could ever need.

So to you, whoever you are, whatever you believe in, Merry Christmas!

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