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Ease the Cost of Employee Turnover
December 6, 2017

Imagine the scenario: You’ve lost your current superstar employee. Or you see the market changing and you want to find a pro to fill a newly created position. Seems simple enough, right? Just hire somebody to fill the role.

The problem is an overly competitive market place.

Reliable experts are hard to find and really expensive to keep happy. Often companies will rush to fill the role because not having somebody doing the work loses the company more money down the road. But hiring too quickly can be a huge mistake. In the UX and design world this is especially important to address.


When you hire on a designer you need to make sure that person is not only great at their job (which is harder than you can imagine these days) but is ultimately a good cultural fit as well. A UX designer needs to be able to wear different hats in the creative process. They have to find the happy medium between their bosses expectations and their demographic’s reality. To be that person, you gotta fit in with the team. You have to know when to politely and professionally say “no” and then redirect your team to reach their goals on time.

Good design doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

When you pick the wrong person for the job your product will fail. Simple as that. So instead of hiring too quickly, why not utilize a freelancer who can bridge the gap until you find your perfect fit?

Employee turnover is expensive. While we can’t capture every single expense, or even some of the big intangible costs like impact on employee morale, we can get a good sense by analyzing four major buckets:

(Learn more here: How Much Does Employee Turnover Really Cost? )

What I offer?

The solution I offer companies either starting up or in search for their perfect candidate is affordable flexibility.

As a 15 year veteran in the UX/UI space working with awesome companies like Facebook and American Express, I can offer guarantees about my work that other people can’t. With a team I’ve handpicked, trained, and personally lead, I know what we can achieve for you without compromise. We work hard to fit seamlessly within your team so you don’t have to worry about the hiccups that come with onboarding a new employee.

We don’t have a learning curve. This is what we do. All day long.

As a freelance, or independent contractor, we act as a vendor you use for your company. We assist your current team, and can be as involved as little or as much as you want. Long term or short term, we can lead your project, or simply assist when needed.

On Transparency

People who offer the world and fail to deliver don’t deserve your business.

We offer our services as a freelance team because that affords us the luxury of transparency. We won’t lie to you about what we can achieve to get your business. In our experience it’s not worth the hassle for either of us.

If you are given realistic expectations then we can wow you, and our business relationship will likely flourish. Repeat customers and glowing referrals keep our business alive. If we make you promises we know will be difficult to keep, than you will be left unsatisfied, and won’t use our service again. Nothing gets accomplished.

Not exactly smart business.

Which is why we focus on offering you stellar and reliable service, so you never miss an opportunity.

You immediately get a UX/UI expert team without having to offer an employee an attractive benefits package. And we get to continue offering our services as a boutique agency without compromising our values.

A win-win situation, wouldn’t you say?

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